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Our approach to market is differentiated by the breadth of our product and service offerings. We will continue to identify new product and service offerings which will enhance our value proposition in the markets in which we operate, providing Instant Imprints franchises to generate more repeat business and increase average sales per ticket. While there are other franchises that offer individual segments of the service offering of embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, signs/banners and promotional materials, Instant Imprints’ unique business model is the only franchise of its kind providing customers with all of these business offerings under one roof.

Combining multiple segments of the imaging business into an easily repeatable retail formula provides Instant Imprints® franchise owners with a great advantage. Nearly every company, school, organization, team, and consumer needs, buys, and uses the vast array of services and products available through franchised retail store of Instant Imprints®. This wide market appeal helps to provide a year-round business opportunity, insulated from other traditional retail seasonal sales cycles.

Our store model is proven, and we believe the economics are compelling for prospective store franchisee. At an average transaction value of $300 (based on historical results across the Instant Imprint store portfolio), just 3 transactions a day over a 20-day per month period results in a clear path to cash-flow breakeven at approximately $200,000 annual revenues. Monthly run rates for store owners that follow the Instant Imprint organization system (supported by effective business training and a first year quick start program of support) can reasonably be expected to achieve 60 transactions per month between the 9-12 month period of store opening.