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Investor FAQ

What is Instant Imprints core value proposition?

Our Customers come to us when they want to be more visible to their customers. We create that visibility 5 different ways: Embroidery, Custom T-Shirts, Signs & Banners, Custom Logo’d Promotional Products and Digital Printing. All of the services and product offerings are vital for a business to promote itself in any local marketplace.

While there are other franchises that offer individual segments of the service offering of embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, signs/banners and promotional materials, the Corporation believes that the Instant Imprints’ unique business model is the only franchise of its kind providing customers with all of these business offerings under one roof.   This provides customers of the Instant Imprints® franchise a one stop center for their branding needs, and provides Instant Imprints® franchisees with a broader range of products and services from which they can earn revenues to support their business. Combining all aspects of visual communications into one model, provides Instant Imprints® franchise owners with a great competitive advantage. Ever company, school, non-profit organization, team, or group needs, buys, and uses the vast array of services on a regular basis. This wide market appeal provides a year round business opportunity, insulated from other traditional retail seasonal sales cycles.

Our Core Values reflect the value proposition to support services to the Company’s franchise network through the following:

  • Listen to and respect each other
  • Catch each other doing it right and celebrate all wins, big or small
  • Provide uncommonly good support for every partner… Make them say “WOW”
  • Award and build genuine partnerships
  • Create wealth and profits through growth
  • Deliver opportunities to learn and succeed
  • Support and challenge each other, as partners, to create and achieve shared goals
  • do the right things, for the right reasons…..with passion